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Benefits of PainShield MD:

  • Reduces bladder pain
  • Reduces painful urination
  • Reduces intercourse & genital pain
  • Reduces painful muscle spasm
  • Works well with physical therapy
  • Pain relief anywhere, anytime
  • Avoid neurostimulation surgery
  • Save on medications
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Phone support
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Revolutionary technology miniaturized to fit in your pocket!

In a clinical study, PainShield MD reduced bladder and urination pain associated with interstitial cystitis and overactive bladder, including the number of frequent painful trips to the bathroom. Patients with these issues often have pelvic muscle spasm pain, as well as pudendal nerve pain, genital, intercourse, bowel, IBS and sacroiliac joint pain, which are also reduced by PainShield MD – an alternative to expensive surgical neurostimulation implant with Interstim®.

How Painshield MD Reduces Pain

PainShield MD produces low intensity ultrasound which deeply warms tissues and helps to relieve muscle spasms. Unlike conventional ultrasound, where treatment is limited to the few occasions that a patient can visit a therapist's office, PainShield MD Therapeutic Ultrasound functions like "slow release ultrasound" that patients can wear while going about their day. Multiple treatment sessions of several hours each can be applied each day.

PainShield MD can be used almost anywhere and anytime - at home, at work, in the clinic, or even while sleeping. Wearable and smaller than a smart phone, with simple hands-free, one-button operation, PainShield MD delivers its therapeutic ultrasound energy in a completely novel manner.

Patients who recommend PainShield MD:

Evaluate PainShield MD for 14 days at only $10/day

Evaluate PainShield MD for 14 days at $10/day. If you don't get pain relief within 14 days, return it in good condition (free return shipping in US) and receive a refund of $735 (product price $875 minus the trial price of $140).

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Is PainShield MD covered by insurance?

PainShield MD is not routinely covered by insurance. Some patients have been able to obtain reimbursement through their insurance plans after obtaining a 'Letter of Medical Necessity' from their doctor. Others have used funds from Healthcare Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). Using our evaluation program, your financial risk is only approximately what you might have paid even with insurance and a typical 20% copay.