Required: A Clinician's Prescription

PainShield® MD Therapeutic Ultrasound requires a prescription from a medical doctor or other licensed practitioner before the product can be shipped to you.

Is PainShield MD is covered by insurance?

We have had increasing success in helping patients obtain insurance coverage for PainShield MD. Because of the wide variety of insurance plans, it is most advisable to call us first to determine how best to approach seeking reimbursement approval. Some patients have been able to use funds from Healthcare Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). If you qualify for our evaluation program, your financial risk is only approximately what you might have paid even with insurance and a typical copay.

To get pain relief with PainShield MD, take these steps

  1. Make an appointment with your doctor. We are happy to answer questions from you or your doctor. Please call 972-931-5596.
  2. Download and print this brochure to share with your doctor. Call us if you need a brochure mailed to you.
  3. Please send the prescription to us at: or by fax to 972-931-5476 or mail to the address at the bottom. Please ask the doctor to write the prescitption on plain-paper letterhead.
  4. Please call us at 972 931 5596 to pay by Credit Card or Paypal. Interest-free financing is available. Mention IC Network.

Technical Specifications

  • A small 3cm ultrasound transducer is applied via a self-adhering patch
  • The system is lightweight (3 oz - 85g), wearable and portable
  • The pocket-sized driver is smaller than a smart phone (approx. 39 x 11 x 125 mm)
  • Frequency Range: 90kHz
  • Approvals/Clearances: FDA 510(k), CE Mark, Health Canada
  • Click here for user manual

Warranty Information

The PainShield MD driver is warrantied for one year. The transducer is warrantied for 30 days. Adhesive patches are single-use.

Mail the Prescription to:
KevMed LLC
15305 Dallas Parkway, Suite 300
Addison, TX 75001
Email address:

Please view our full website at

Phone Orders or Questions:

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You may be eligible to participate in our low-risk evaluation program. Please contact us for more details.

Stay Informed about PainShield MD

Stay in the loop as we work toward obtaining insurance reimbursement for PainShield MD. We are planning a large-scale clinical trial. Please complete your information on our contact form here.